Manned Guarding

Manned Guarding

Manned Security Guarding is a highly effective way of achieving security and is one of Valiantrecap Limited‘s primary Site Security activities. Manned guarding is certainly one of the most high profile forms of security services.

Valiantrecap Limited‘s Manned Security Guarding offers much more than simply a Security Guard patrolling premises when your staffs have gone home, which of course is one of the services offered,, we also provide the following & more;

  • Front of House Manned Guarding Security to provide access control by uniformed Security Guard
  • Reception Security. Our Security Guard can fulfil dual & multiple roles.
  • Public area security for retail premises and shopping malls using uniformed manned Security Guards.
  • Door supervision and internal security for licensed premises including clubs.

Our customers get Security Guards who have been subject to the most rigorous background checks and fully trained to the highest standards. With Recap Services Limited‘s Manned Guarding you get more than just a Security Guard, you get all these benefits:

  • First Aiders. Security Guards are trained in First Aid.
  • Door Supervisors and Deputy Supervisors trained in advanced medical aid.
  • Security Guards who receive on-going training to suit the current role.
  • A smartly uniformed Security Guard to ensure a warm welcome to your bona fide visitors whilst ensuring unwelcome visitors do not gain access.
  • Dual purpose security guard, security plus telephone answering/ reception duties.
  • Enhanced corporate image for your company with highly visible front of house uniformed manned security presence.

Security Receptionists

Proper control over access is vital to the security of any premises. This may involve manning a barrier, gatehouse or reception and the issuing, collection and checking of passes. Recap Services Officers, both male and female are experienced in all these areas, ensuring secure access throughout the working day or out of normal working hours. As well as limiting access to authorised people, they can control the movement of goods which come in or goes out.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols are a very cost effective form of security. Security officers driving liveried vehicles in radio contact with the control room, make an agreed number of visits at irregular intervals to your premises, and at the same time may check on any specific item of plant or equipment (e.g. heating, lighting, water) or on the correct functioning of any installations if required. The patrols are monitored by the Check Point Swipe System in order to provide management information together with a system of check calls registered at the Control Room.

College Campus Security

We have developed expertise in the field of campus security with its many diverse needs and requirements and today the Company provides security to many of the South’s leading colleges and schools.

School Security

Your school’s students, staff and assets are a very sensitive issue today. Safeguarding your school environment, preventing school violence and ensuring the safety of everyone on the campus is paramount. A routine assessment of vulnerabilities should be part of any responsible administrative program. Some issues routinely overlooked can leave a School vulnerable to violence, theft, damage and major lawsuits.

Our team of School Security Experts at Recap Services Limited can conduct a complete assessment of your institution’s situation and needs, to include:

  • Security Policies
  • Security Systems (Access Control, Alarms and CCTV)
  • Escalation Policies and Intervention Procedures
  • Employee Background Screenings

People attend school for a good education, which should in turn lead to a more successful professional career. With all of the pressure and stress that school brings, people don’t need added stress from having to worry about their personal safety while on school grounds. This is where we step in and ensure that schools remain an academic area free from unwanted dangers.

Our security guards are always on the watch, monitoring school entrances, lobbies, offices, playgrounds, parking lots, etc.

Disgruntled individuals are less likely to act unlawfully and endanger the welfare of another person when they see that an authority and attentive witness is present. That is why we teach our security guards to maintain a strong presence, good body language and maintain their composure under pressure. We are working hard to make schools safer so that students can focus solely on their academic studies, while we take care of the bad guys.


The provisions of British Standard 7858 (1996) for the Screening and Vetting of personnel employed in the manned guarding security industry is followed to the letter to by qualified personnel/management trained by the Security Industry Training Organisation (SITO).

The personnel files, which are inspected by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), cover every period of past employment, personal references, periods of unemployment, proof of identity documentation, training records and evidence of former military service, where applicable. The Company has supported legislation to regulate the security industry.

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