CCTV Security Systems

CCTV Security Systems

Valiantrecap Limited has a daynamic team for CCTV monitoring of Rail infrastructure including managed patrols of Rail Tracks and Rail sub-stations to prevent CABLE THEFT for Network Rails.


In today’s society access control systems are a valuable way of controlling and monitoring access to your premises. There are a wide variety of types of access control systems we can maintain and install. These range from key fob access, swipe card to bio metric (fingerprint) all of which can be PC based, networked or even stand-alone. We can install and maintain all sizes of system even down to the supply of end user products (swipe cards, fobs etc). Valiantrecap Limited can cater for your size of premises from a single door to a multiple door system with thousands of users.


The presence of a Valiantrecap guard is designed to detract the unlawful entry into your company’s property 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year protecting both the building and the content within. The combinations of security guards with Guard dogs are the ideal choice to protect large open areas, and to patrol areas with restricted line of site such as warehouses, transport yards, and more. Security guards with guard dogs will be more suited to areas too dangerous for security personnel alone.