Event Security

Valiantrecap Limited is highly experienced with all aspects of event security and will work with you to evaluate the specific needs of your event and determine the best security and operational plan. We will coordinate all aspects of your security needs and provide you with a full security management service incorporating the supply of SIA licensed security personnel and stewards. Whether it is an outdoor event, a stadium sporting event or concert hall, we are increasingly being asked to provide security for annual events, we are able to provide an unlimited amount of professionally recognised security personnel for back stage, pit areas and celebrity close protection.

Once Valiantrecap is involved you can be rest assured that all details, action plans and event security planning and management will be handled in a professional manner all events are unique and will be assessed individually based upon the parameters of your event; a dedicated Events Manager will be assigned to you along with a team of officers with expertise in previous events. Valiantrecap Limited will provide you with increased peace of mind knowing that your event will be safe and secure before, during and after.


On being requested to provide any security cover to an event, whether musical or small private party, a risk assessment and health and safety analysis will be carried out. Risk assessments will be in turn used as part of the documented briefing for the security personnel dedicated to the event. To ensure professionalism, everything is planned and carried out operationally with a militaristic approach, this ensures that all areas of concern, risk and any eventualities are planned for and covered.

Security Personnel

Valiantrecap Limited provides all security personnel in accordance with the SIA regulations and licences and we are kept updated on a weekly basis of any change in licences. All personnel are recruited and vetted through BS7858 and BS7960. Our security personnel are professional, smart, uniformed and work alongside management for all events. For any event you will be provided with a dedicated operations manager to ensure the highest level of customer service.

Valiantrecap Limited officers are also trained and hold a recognized qualification within first aid. By using Valiantrecap Limited for your events; you will alleviate any concerns for the day planning, security and possible intruders and unforeseen circumstances. Valiantrecap Limited will take full control of any situation that arrives but in the utmost initial stages will prevent.


Valiantrecap Limited can provide all security equipment for whatever event we cater for, whether it is the supply of 2 way radios, sign written high visibility vehicles, command posts, electronic patrol systems, security fencing or crowd control barriers. We will ensure that your event is totally covered for all security equipment.

Event Security Services

  • Complete Event Management & Security
  • Event Security Consultations
  • Security Surveys
  • Risk Assessment & Threat Level Determination Reports
  • Electronic Access & Verification Points
  • Communications Command Post
  • Bag Monitoring & Search Posts
  • Barriers & Rope Line Preparation
  • Press & Paparazzi Control
  • Crowd Control & Perimeter Security
  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures
  • VIP Restricted Access Areas
  • Preparation for Medical Emergencies

Event Security Officers

  • SIA Licensed Security Officers
  • SIA Licensed Door Supervisors
  • SIA Licensed Close Protection Officers
  • Event Stewards and Marshals
  • Traffic Management Stewards & Marshals
  • Customer Service Hosts
  • Ticket Checkers & Sellers
  • Mobile Patrol Security
  • Perimeter & Access Control Fencing